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Windows Player Device Setup Instructions

STEP ONE: Install Appropriate Software

  1. Click Here to Download the Windows Software

  2. Install the Software


Note: There is no need to put Hypersign in the start up folder because the app installation process will do it for you.


STEP TWO: Update PC Settings

  1. Set screen saver to never come on.

  2. Turn off all notifications.

  3. Set the PC to auto login.

  4. Set the PC to “never” for the following power settings:
    - When plugged in, turn off - never.
    - When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after - never.


STEP THREE: Launching & Pairing Hypersign+

  1. When you first launch the Hypersign+ app on your Windows player it will ask for a pairing code.

  2. Use another computer to visit the Device Manager in the Hypersign+ web portal:

    1. Once in the Device Manager, click the Add New Device button.

    2. Set the device Resolution to match the Windows display settings.

    3. Name the device, select license types, etc. (Helpful Article: How to add a new player device)

    4. Click Submit, and a device card is automatically generated.

    5. Click the key icon on that device card to display the 5-digit pairing code.

    6. Write this pairing code down.
      Note: The pairing code is only available for 30-mins for security purposes and
      each device will have its own unique pairing code.

  3.  Input this pairing code into the Hypersign+ app on the Windows device.


Now your Windows device is paired to your Hypersign+ account, and you can begin publishing layout content immediately.



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